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I grew up in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, it’s where I went to college, started my business and raised my family. Living and working here I understand the importance of agriculture and water in our district; I understand public lands; the importance of being able to access and preserve them while responsibly developing our natural resources.

I have a deep respect for the land and people of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and am honored to serve them in Congress.
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Record in Congress

I have always campaigned on going to Washington to help get government out of the way so free enterprise can flourish and Coloradans can get back to work, everyday since being elected I have worked to uphold these promises. Here is some of what I did:

  • Introduced the TAILOR Act, which currently has nearly 100 bipartisan co-sponsors. The TAILOR Act requires federal regulators to tailor regulations to actually fit the profile of the banks they are regulating. Right now, your hometown community bank faces the same regulatory compliance red tape as a massive global financial institution. These onerous regulations take away from community banks’ ability to serve the needs of Main Street by making more loans needed for economic growth, and instead forces them to focus on complying with unnecessary and duplicative federal regulations never intended for banks that fit their business model.

  • One of the few bills signed into law this past year was my Hydropower and Rural Jobs Act. This bill cuts red tape to allow clean, renewable hydropower projects to move forward in Colorado and create much-needed jobs in our District.
  • We intervened and stopped a needless regulation from prohibiting children from working on family farms, preserving the 3rd Congressional District’s rich agriculture tradition.
  • Introduced and passed through the House of Representatives the Water Rights Protection Act, a bipartisan bill, to prevent the federal government’s western water grab and protect the many water uses our communities rely on.
  • Passed the Healthy Forest and Wildfire Prevention Act through the House. This bill gives our local governments more control of forest management, enabling them to proactively manage their forestlands to prevent environmental and economic destruction from catastrophic wildfire.
  • Introduced and passed legislation through the House requiring the Secretary of Interior to put together an “all of the above” energy plan every four years. This will allow the United States to plan for our energy needs, something that has never been done before.

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