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Issues Sal Pace Scott Tipton
Healthcare Sal Pace fully supports President Obama’s government healthcare take over which strips $716 billion from Medicare and puts healthcare decisions for seniors under the authority of board of Washington bureaucrats. Congressman Tipton does not support the Obama’s government take over of our healthcare system. He believes that we can increase competition and do away with increased regulation which would increase the options and quality of care for individuals of all ages.
American Energy Sal will not tell voters how he would vote on key issues that would affect the oil and gas industry. Congressman Tipton supports the responsible expansion of our natural resources which mean more jobs in Colorado. He supports projects like the Keystone pipeline that will increase our energy security. Further, he has passed legislation that will lead to more alternative energy production in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Congressman Tipton does just not just say he believes in an “all of the above” energy policy, he supports and passes legislation that makes it a reality.
Experience Sal Pace’s experience is as a professor and political operative. He has zero experience as a job creator or a small businessman. How can he know how his votes effect the small businessmen and women who fuel our economy? Congressman Tipton has owned and operated his small business for 30 years. He has experience creating jobs and knows how taxes and regulations effect those who are taking risks and creating jobs in Colorado.
Tax Increases In one year alone as a State Legislator Sal Pace voted in favor of over $228 million in new taxes on everyday items such as candy, soda, software and out-of-state online relators that drove business out of Colorado and negatively impacted Colorado families. Congressman Tipton voted against increasing taxes on individuals and business. He knows the more money you can keep in your pocket benefits businesses and the economy.
Law and Order Sal Pace voted against the passage of a law that would allow law enforcement to collect DNA samples from people arrested for felonies, known as Katie’s Law. “With the advent of DNA taken upon felony arrest, California has cleared or aided in the investigation of over 50 percent of the unsolved cases added to its database between January 2009 and July 1, 2011—with over 9,000 DNA matches between offender DNA database identification profiles and profiles from crime scene evidence,”
DNASaves - DNA law

But still, Sal Pace opposes this law.
Scott Tipton championed and passed Katie's Law in the Colorado House and became one of the of original co-sponsors of this law in Congress. Katie’s Law allows the collection of DNA by law enforcement in order to stop repeat criminals from offending. Since 1974, more than 90 percent of all state prisoners have been repeat offenders. For more facts on reasons to pass Katie's Law visit



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